Car Wraps Edmonton

Car Wraps Edmonton
If you’re a business owner in or around Edmonton, you may be interested to learn that a vehicle wrap can increase your sales by reaching locals who are out and about, day and night. In fact, there are very few forms of local advertisement that can work in the same way as a Signarama vehicle wrap. Car wraps that promote Edmonton businesses have the distinct advantage of increasing exposure to your local company, to the very people who are living and shopping where you sell your products or services.
Simply put, car wraps are working in the same places where potential Edmonton customers are living and working- right on the streets of the same town your business is located. Since car wraps are essentially large info-graphics designed to draw the attention of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, all a potential customer has to do is glance in the direction of the vehicle that has been wrapped with your corporate identity, and they’ve learned something about who you are, and what you offer to the community. That’s all that’s necessary for a car wrap to do its job.
A well-made vehicle wrap from Signarama is one of the most cost-efficient methods of advertising to your local community. With car wraps, your investment will pay off long-term in the Edmonton area. Unlike other forms of advertising that generally will pay off short-term, a vehicle wrap will continue working for your business for a significant amount of time. Signarama car wraps can last from 2-8 years, depending on how well they are taken care of. Laminating your car wrap will add durability and protection from abrasion.
Advertising on your company or personal vehicle has potential in both urban and rural areas. Your business’ Signarama vehicle wrap can be seen everywhere the vehicle goes- in traffic, whether moving or still, by drivers, foot pedestrians and even by people who are looking out from buildings.
Working with one of Signarama’s car wrap experts, they will create a vibrant combination of graphics and text, incorporating everything that potential customers need to see to benefit from having come in contact with your vehicle. Signarama’s car wraps are professionally made to draw business to your Edmonton store. Some of the best features about a car wrap include:
- Very low cost form of advertising that offers superior visability while reaching 80 - 85% of the top 100 markets.
- The ability for fleet branding
- Car wraps offer your Edmonton business its best opportunity for reaching customers who would otherwise not find you, increasing your identity and improving local awareness, through eye-catching graphics and information about who you are and what you do.
- Signarama offers personalized customer graphics for individuals.
When you’re ready to take the next step in growing your local identity, make a call to Signarama at 780-448-1944 an talk with one of their specialists who can answer your questions about car wraps to increase your Edmonton business’ awareness. 
Car Wraps Edmonton
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